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Welcome friends to Christ Connections Ministry! Our primary purpose is to help people come to a better understanding of the Scriptures by providing detailed answers to Bible related questions. We do this simply as a labor of love for our Lord Jesus Christ and as a help to our fellow Christians. The study material, tools and overall content presented on this site are free of charge to our visitors and without financial obligation. Please enjoy your stay and feel free to contact us if you have any bible related questions, prayer requests or general comments. Thank you for visiting us and may God bless you.

What's New - We are now working on a new "What does it mean?" Bible Study Series.  This series will consist of a variety of short studies focused on specific key words, phrases, items, people and places  found in the Bible. Have you ever wondered if there was something more to a specific object, person, place or word in the Bible, but didn't quite know what it was? In this series, we will investigate any occasion where we might learn something new hidden underneath the surface of a particular word, verse or chapter. Our current focus is on the great book of "Revelation". please consider joining us! Questions are welcome! Requests are welcome!

What else can you expect  when studying along with us?


• A chapter-by-chapter, verse-by-verse approach to Bible study with an emphasis on context !

• Proper meanings behind ancient 
Hebrew & Greek words using
 early manuscript sources! 

• Explanations to ancient bible customs & figures-of-speech!


• Spiritual meanings behind bible  names & numbers!


• Thorough explanations behind
 bible prophecy & symbolism!  

• and much more...



* 06/11/14 - We are now working on a new bible study series entitled: "what does it mean?" Click on the Bible Study link for more details.

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