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Greetings to you in Jesus Name!

Thank you for joining us for this very unique chapter-by-chapter, verse-by-verse journey through the pages of God's Word. Our first journey will take us through one of the most mysterious books in all the Bible, the book of Revelation.

Our common goal is to thoroughly examine this book in its proper context using a variety of study tools along the way. Such tools will consist of audio / video explanations for important words, phrases, figures-of-speech, ancient customs, and Bible symbology. We shall endeavor to use the Bible itself as much as possible to interpret what we're studying instead of some preconceived theological agenda. Our only goal here is to discover and present the purest form of Bible truth possible. That's our mission!

Please know that we will make every effort to present the differing theological viewpoints concerning this book in a fair and balanced manner. This will allow you to discern for yourself which viewpoint actually sounds the most reasonable.

                                           *** UPDATE: We are currently in the process of improving our exclusive Online Bible Name Dictionary ***

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* This Bible study is a work in progress. Please continue to check-in with us for frequent chapter and verse updates until we make our way through the book. For your convenience, please consider adding Christ Connections Ministry to your Internet Explorer favorites list.

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