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                                                         - The Tabernacle of the Congregation -

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                                                 (The Sanctuary)


The Sanctuary served as the main structure of the Tabernacle compound. Its inner framework consisted mainly of Wooden Boards overlaid with solid gold plating. The Sanctuary was divided into two separate rooms of major importance:

  • The first room was known as the "Holy Place." The priests were granted special access to the "Holy Place" through an Entrance Curtain located along the eastern side of the Sanctuary wall (above). This room contained the following items of importance:

                the Showbread Table (located along the northern wall)
                the Lampstand (located along the southern wall)
                the Golden Incense Altar (located along the western wall)
                the Veil (a separation barrier between the two rooms)

  • The second room was known as the "Holy of Holies." A single man (the High Priest) was granted access to this most sacred of rooms, and even then, he could only access the room on a single day, the Day of Atonement. The "Holy of Holies" was known as the place where God's presence resided over the Ark of the Covenant.

Please note: Four large coverings were placed over the Sanctuary making it impossible for any foreign light source to enter the Sanctuary structure. The four coverings are described in corresponding order (top to bottom):

A Thick Outer Covering!

A Red Covering!

A Grey Covering!

An Embroidered Covering!

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